Friday, February 15, 2019

week 7 wrkhab

Right now I would describe my grades as F for FAB. I need to get them up, and there is room for improvement. Especially as the trimester gets closer to an end.This makes me feel anxious . I always have a lotta extra free time which makes for never ending work. 

week 7 grade post

Now I would describe my grades as terrible. On powerschool my grades look eh, but I think I am behind on a all assignments. I have communicated with my teachers and set up dates to finish things.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

fear setting 1/15/19

I think this video seemed interesting. It seemed like a lot of work, but I think when we are really stuck we need something like this, even if it takes a long time it would be worth it. I don't think this would be useful to me because my problems/fears because they are not things that would be helped by planning them out.

#3cluster (8th)

My top 3 career clusters from yesterday are teaching administrator, Pro of some sort or a counselor. Those were just the top three . Down the line there were lots of teaching jobs which is what I want to do so that was exciting to see that worked with me.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

week4 habit (21st)

Today my grades have still not changed. I just took a few tests this past week though so I am interested to know how those will affect my grades because, I didn't study.

dear abby

Dear Same Problem in Minnesota,

I am sorry to hear that your son is choosing not to spend the holidays with your family. It can be very hard with couples to decide which family to spend the holidays with. All this said, you cannot decide these things for your son, he is an adult now and it is his decision with his family. If the holidays sadden you I recommend finding something that can bring you joy. Get together with friends instead of family. Or ditch the holidays all together if you can, go to a beach getaway or a ski trip and just enjoy being together with whoever wants to be with you, surround yourself with the joy. 

Friday, February 8, 2019

wrk PG (december 17)

9Over the weekend one of my grades went down, but the other went up. This did not make me feel anything. I still could work on them though.